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About our centre

Drupngi Khading Ling Nepal is a non-government and non-profit organisation based in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Founded in 2013 by a group of senior Buddhist monks of the Kagyu-lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, our aim is to establish an extra-ordinary and open-minded Buddhist center where everyone can live, study and practice Dharma in harmony. Our special focus is on providing a new home to underprivileged Nepalese children where they grow up between traditional Tibetan Buddhism and a modern school education.

Convinced of the positive effect that Buddhist teachings and practices of mind-training have on the well-being of each and everyone of us, Drupngi Khading Ling also offers educational programs for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists from all around the globe.

Drupngi Khading Ling has been officially approved as a school of Buddhism by H.H the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, head of the Kagyu-lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.



DK Ling Children home


Providing a home and education

Inspired by the Buddhist principles of love and compassion, our main focus lies on providing a new home for underprivileged children from rural areas of Nepal. We currently accommodates around 20 boys and girls in our facilities, many of which lost their homes or family in the devastating earhquake that hit Nepal in  2015. Besides providing them with food, clothing, shelter, and basic health care, our children are given the chance of completing their full school education at a public government school, until they graduate with their SLC (school leaving qualification at high school level). This is something many Nepalese youths can still only dream of, as the financial circumstances of their families often force them to quit school early and find work to support their families. In addition, our children are being educated in Tibetan language and later in Buddhist philosophy at our center. They particpate in traditional Buddhist rituals and learn about their meaning as well as meditative practices.


Why a double education in a monastic institution?

In order to benefit from Buddhist teachings, it requires a long process of familiarisation, understanding and personal experience. Therefore, monasteries and nunneries who raise young monks and nuns do great benefit to these children. However, adult monastics who decide to quit monastic life encounter severe difficulties entering in the secular world as they have spent their whole life in a religion-oriented environment. Without education, financial means and proper ideas of the life "outside" they are forced to stay in their monastery or nunnery, which can make them depressed and discouraged from their spiritual practice.

Today's generation of young monks and nuns benefits largely from a modern scientific school education along with the traditional Buddhist trainings. This way they can better understand the problems in the world, and have a free choice about their own future. The new monks raised at DK Ling therefore get the experience and qualifications necessary to make their living outside a monastery. With receiving their high school degrees, they have a realistic option to leave our center if they do not want to stay monastics. Regardless of their decision, we believe both school and spiritual education to be important for them to lead a satisfied, responsible and self-sufficient adult life.

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Support for nuns and monks


Unfavourable circumstances, mismanagement and unfair rules and regulations are cause to huge disappointment among monks and nuns in Nepal. Despite their appreciation of the Buddhist teachings they are discouraged from a monastic life and tempted to leave behind what should be a unique chance of gaining knowledge, wisdom and peace of mind. Drupngi Khading Ling tries to encourage these monks and nuns to re-think their decision and re-enter into a community of fellow-practitioners who give them motivation, advice and inspiration to practice Dharma. Through our center, they can find company on their path, the freedom to design their own way of spiritual life and an example how to engage themselves more actively for the sake of all beings on this planet.

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Teaching programs, volunteering and travel

Drupngi Khading Ling wants to give the chance of learning about Buddhist philosophy and practice to people from all nations, religions and backgrounds. We run different programs and courses on Buddhism which include courses of Tibetan language or Buddhist philosophy. Regardless of whether you have previous knowledge or experience of Buddhism or not, you are heartily welcome you to visit us at our center in Boudha, Kathmandu, and participate in one of our courses. Besides that , we also offer volunteering opportunities in support of our children, where you can help them with their homework, play games, organise activities and have a great chance to get a fist-hand experiene of their life. Or, if you mainly want to explore Nepal as a tourist but still support our mission, you can contact us and we are happy to help you via our partner travel agency.


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