A brief history

How Drupngi Khading Ling came into being


All our members in Nepal are ordained Buddhist monks who live or have lived at a Kagyu-monastery of Tibetan Vajrayana-Buddhism in Kathmandu, Nepal. They have studied the various subjects of the traditional monastic education, including Tibetan language, History of Buddhism, Logic and Buddhist Philosophy, and developped a deep appreciation for the Buddhist teachings on pacifying one's mind to escape suffering and boundless compassion with all sentient beings.

Their own fortunate opprotunities to become scholars of Buddhism arose in them the wish to share their knowledge and understanding of the dharma, and to provide poor and underpriviledged children with a new future perspective and adequate education.


Initially the members of DK Ling engaged in the establishment of a officially approved higher secondary school adjoint to their monastery, where young monks would focus on a regular scientific education and only learn about Buddhism in additional subjects. However, due to a number of arising problems and controversaries with the monastery management, including limitation of the school to lower secondary level, the four monks felt the urge to quit the traditional way and begin a new project that would be more adequate to contemporary needs, conveying the Buddhist teachings in a more liberal way.


The idea behind our center

Many monks and nuns are nowadays dissatisfied with monastic life but have to stay in their respective monastery or nunnery out of lack of other opportunies. At Drupngi Khading Ling, there shall be an alternative to this sad reality - all children entering our center will receive a monastic education comparable to young monks at other monasteries (including theoretical and practical aspects of Buddhism), but at the same time we will ensure they have the chance to study at a government school until they complete their 12th class. Thus they will have both an appropriate idea of spiritual life and a realistic chance to make their living in the "outer" world; and once they become adults will be able to take an independent decision about their future.

This intention to set up buddhist children home spread to the vision of building a center of Buddhist studies that would welcome, tolerate and help anyone seeking for understanding of the dharma and support in his or her practice, but especially monastics stuck in monasteries or nunneries as victims of the misuse of religion.


The first year of DK Ling

In 2013, HH. the 17th Gyalwa Karmpapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje approved the name of Drupngi Khading Ling for a center of Buddhist learning and teaching the dharma.

Following this in 2014 DK Ling found a suitable place where to set the foundation of its center, a one-storey flat just a 20-minutes walk from the Boudhanath-Stupa, the biggest sacred Buddhist site in Nepal. For a tolerable monthly rent it is sufficient to accommodate our resident Lama, a handful of children and occasuional guests, and possesses a shrine room for spiritul practice. After equipping it with the necessary furnishings for daily needs our resiedent Lama Acharya Orgyen Tashi moved in the DK Ling home and used its facilites to complete the extensive preliminary practice.

On 14th May 2014, the birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni according to the Nepali calendar, we celebrated the official inauguration of DK Ling with our friends and representatives from Ukraine and Germany. During our resident Lama's practice, we regularly met at the DK Ling home to hold pujas, discuss the details of our project and make the the required arrangements to place some children by the end of 2014. After completing his preliminary practice our resident Lama began to give first Tibetan classes and Reiki treatments to local people, and finally, having gathered the necessary provisions, by the end of 2014 we could accomplish our aim to accept the first boy to become novice monk at DK Ling.


Future plans

For 2015 we plan to soon accomodate at least one more child, find sponsors for both the boys and raise funds to buy one own land where we can construct a bigger building to easily accomodate around 20 children in the future. We heartily thank our supporters and visitors for their help and invite all people interested in our project to visit us in Kathmandu - to contribute to the realization of our future vision of Drupngi Khading Ling!