Core principles of Drupngi Khading Ling


1. General

Drupgni Khading Ling is set up alone for charity purpose. It is neither intended to bring a big private fortune nor any other material benefits to its members, and any support is used for the expansion of its facilities or the basic needs of the children. Though a semi-religious institution and founded by convinced Buddhist practitioners we tolerate and respect other beliefs and world views and welcome exchange of knowledge and values. We want to establish peaceful and harmonic surroundings where anyone, whether member, student, supporter or visitor, has the chance to express their thoughts, beliefs and ideas freely and without judgement.


2. Raising children to self-sufficient adults


Drupgni Khading Ling aims at taking poor and underprivileged children away from their miserable living conditions and ensure the fulfillment of their all material needs; ie. food, clothing, a home to stay, sufficient hygiene and health care. In order for them to leave the poverty and ignorance of their earlier life behind and get a new future perspective we also provide the requirements for a comprehensive education.

All children joining our center shall be given a clear understanding of the meaning of interdependence, impermanence and the value of every living being on this planet. Along with a basic intellectual understanding of the Buddhist philosophy they will receive traditional monastic trainings in different Buddhist practices that will help them to continue a spiritual path in their future. 

However, they shall always remain free to opt for or against a monastic life and thus will also get modern education at a public government school. Thus they can gain scientific understanding of worldly matters and the skills and knowledge to make their own living - independently and following their own interests and ambitions.

We will cover all costs for school fees, uniforms, books and writing materials.

Through a double education our children shall become able to make considerate and responsible decisions, whichever life they choose. Ultimately, they will become social, happy and self-sufficient members of our society.


3. Conveying the meaning of Dharma


In an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect people coming to our center shall be given the opportunity to learn about the Buddhist approach to all matters of life - that is how to develop their own mind and character towards more happiness, inner balance and loving-kindness. They shall get an idea and understanding of the meaning of Dharma - the teachings of the Buddha - and how to lead a life in accordance to it.

We are no organisation of high spiritual gurus or religious leaders, but simply want to give a chance to familiarize with the Buddhist path to freedom from all suffering. Optimally, our students will  gain understanding of the law of impermanence, realize the importance of a peaceful state of mind and develop compassion with all sentient beings. We focus on providing a rational understanding of these principles that may motivate our students throughout their life and encourage them to engage in benevolent actions and spiritual practice.


4. Practical issues - a policy of mutual giving


Any incomes through our charity shop or travel agency are used for the purposes of DK Ling. All other programs run free of fixed charges. We follow a policy of mutual giving and ask our students to leave a donation according to their own estimation and ability for the services we provide. These donations are not mandatory but highly appreciated as the expansion of our center depends on kind support from outside.

Any material or monetary support is solely used for the maintenance and development of our center or to defray living costs for our members and children. Donations may be dedicated to a special purpose, eg. health check-up or new clothing for our children, and will be acknowledged by an electronic or paper receipt.