The need of special support for monastics in Nepal



An unspoken truth


Nepal is a secular country promoting freedom and diversity of religion. However, as the majority of Nepalis and most government officials are Hindu, there is no governmental support for Buddhist monks or nuns. Thus one big problem Buddhist monastics are facing is their lack of financial resources. Though their vows and principles prohibit them a life in wealth and abundance, for most monasteries in today's Nepal there is no way to completely live without money.
Most bigger monasteries have enough wealthy sponsors from outside Nepal who wish to benefit the Sangha (community of monks and nuns) through considerable monetary donations; and not few monastics even have personal sponsors. Still, these great gifts are primarily made to renowned and reputable monasteries with a long list of benefactors. Single nuns or monks pursuing their practice outside a monastery do hardly ever get the attention and faith of wealthy foreign donors and struggle to maintain their living through the little alms they get from local people.
Although thousands of nuns and monks live in different monasteries of Nepal, there is also a huge number of those dissatisfied with their life. This is often due to personal problems they are facing at their particular monastery because of mismanagement, unfair rules and regulations or discrimination.



Sad figures


The estimated number of monks and nuns quitting Buddhist monasteries in Nepal is very high compared to the enrollment.
80% of the enrolled monks quit their monastic life mainly because of corruption, hypocrisy, unfavourable conduct, racial discrimination, lack of proper education and similar reasons.
70% of the enrolled monks leave the monastery by their own decision and begin a normal life. Yet 10 out of the 80% leaving monastery are expelled by monastic administration.


Address the needs of nuns and monks


These monks and nuns who have lived in isolation and depression at their monasteries need to be stopped from abandoning their spiritual life and Dharma practice just because of common human mistakes by the brothers and sisters of their order. In such unfortunate situations they need encouragement, company, and they need respect and a safe place where to live and pursue their practice.




Honest business


Do not sell monks and nuns to build a big monastery but sell your monastery to build a big community of nuns and monks!


We have formed this organisation not to compare others and point at their mistakes but to give shelter and company to our Dharma brothers and sisters during difficult stages of their life and doubts about heir spiritual path.
All monks and nuns, whether elderly or young, who had to quit their monastery due to unfavourable circumstances but are still convinced to follow a life in accordance with the Dharma are given special support at DK Ling. They receive personal advice and encouragement and the opportunity to re-organise themselves in a new community of freedom and tolerance. Under the condition of not having broken their vows they are offered to stay as a new member with Drupgni Khading Ling and develop and use their potential to benefit the people around them. With regard to their own disposition they are free to choose their amount of spiritual practice and active engagement for DK Ling and the education they wish to get. However, their intentions should be honest and peaceful and consistent with the principles of mutual caring, love and compassion.