Our objectives

Ambitions for the next years


Life is very precious but it's impermanent as well. Realizing the impermanence of life we have no time to wait and see what happens around us. Thus we try our best to spread the teachings of lord Buddha to all beings as fast as we can using every moment we are given in this life and show others the path towards a more meaningful life. It is obvious that one person or organisation alone cannot make a huge difference so quickly, but we make sure that with our high motivation and joined efforts we will definitely make some changes towards the realization of our vision.


Current objectives

- To set up facilities for the accommodation and education of more children

- To teach short-term and long-term Tibetan language, Buddhist philosophy, Yoga, practical and theoretical Buddhist meditation and Reiki therapy to the interested people of different age and from different countries.

- To mobilize our members in different fields according to their interests, skills and wisdom

- To train our new members to teach others, make them realize the value of love and caring for others and prepare them to serve others with the method of loving kindness and compassion.

Future vision

Although there are many Buddhist monasteries and charity organizations there is still not a good combination of education. This is why there are so many ordained Buddhist practitioners who quit monastic life seeking for new experiences of “worldly” matters, knowledge about sciences, foreign countries, cultures and religions and closer contact to everyday life. On the other hand, elderly lay people who have never received profound spiritual education but realize the importance of mind training join the monastic life when they no longer have full physical power and less vital energy. Young people however are often already interested in gaining a better understanding of Buddhism, but do not want to sacrifice their education at a government school for entering into monastery. Thus, if we just combine both educations that will be more attractive and of much greater benefit both for children studying in our center and monastics who wish to follow a more liberal schedule, have more contact to lay people and make unrestricted decisions on their spiritual path.

Long-term objectives:

- To become one of the best leading Shedra (institution for Buddhist studies) and +2-level (university qualifying) schools in Nepal by 2025.

- To become a bank of scholars, fully-ordained monks and an island of spiritual Gurus.

- To be an origin of morality and humanity.

- To use the experience of elderly members and energy of young monks to continue the activities of DK Ling to benefit the beings on this planet.