Buddhist philosophy classes


Regular classes on Buddhist philosophy will be held in our center in Boudha from coming Lhosar, the Tibetan new year on February 19th, 2015.

Course dates and registration forms with language preferences will be published in advance on our homepage.


Course options for short-, mid- or long-term classes in Nepalese or English will include the following:


Introduction to Buddhism. (short-, mid- or long-term)

Teachings on "The thirty-seven practices of Bodhisattva", composed by Ngulchu Thokme. (minimum mid-term)

Teachings on "Bodhisattva Charyawatra", composed by Shanti Deva. (minimum mid-term)

Teachings on "Lojong Dondunma", mind training. (short- or mid-term)

Teachings on "Shepy Trinhig", the letter of Nagarjuna. (short- or mid-term)


Detailed course descriptions and additional options will be uploaded by the end of January 2015. As all our courses, Buddhist philosophy classes run on donation basis. To inquire participation in advance, please use registration form or contact us in case of any questions.