Tibetan language classes


Starting 2015 Tibetan language classes will be held in our center in Boudha, Kathmandu. We welcome all foreigners or Nepalese willing to participate in courses for a minimum duration of two weeks. Students can come to our office for regular group classes or specially-arranged tuition. The foreign participants are requested to contact us at least two days in advance in order to provide an English-speaking teacher.


The different course types we offer include both colloquial Tibetan and conversation practice as well as study of the traditional language of dharma texts. In case of the latter, some basic ideas of the Vajrayana-Buddhism from Tibet will be included into the lessons. However, in-depth study of the concepts of the different Buddhist schools is not provided. For this please look at our Buddhist philosophy classes.

Please use our registration form to sign up for participation.



Regular lessons will start from coming Lhosar on 19th February 2015. Provisional course schedules will be updated soon, but please check them again before the begin of your class.

Inquiries for later participation or tuition classes are possible at any time through our contact link. The tuition classes may already start from now and lesson hours will be arranged between teacher and student individually.


Course types

We offer three levels of regular classes which run on beginner, intermediate and advanced level, both for conversational and traditional Tibetan. The language of instruction is either Nepalese or English (preference is included in the registration form). Please note that we only teach on mid-term and long-term basis (one or three months respectively).

Special classes (eg. focus on pronunciation or Tibetan alphabet) may be arranged after consultation with our teachers but are subject to their personal schedules and the number of requesting students.



Tibetan language courses run on donation basis and are free of mandatory participation fees. Appropriate amounts for donations vary with regard to the different backgrounds of our students and thus are difficult to distinguish. Youths may also participate at our courses for free. Still we request all students who can afford it to well consider the expenses for running our classes and our hardship to finance Drupgni Khading Ling.


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