Our pledge


While thanks to the generous donations from a growing network of supporters from all over the world as the commitment of our members Drupngi Khading Ling has been able to expand its facilities to acommodate about a dozen Nepalese children we are still strongly dependent on further support.As a non profit organisation Drupngi Khading Ling has few independent sources of income, and with the growing number of children we are accommodating also our needs and expenses rise. While we are still located in currently two separate rented flats in Kathmandu, the space in both is very limited and the environment not suitable for all the ritual activities we would like to perform. Our next aim is therefore to build our own home where staff and children are able to live, learn and practice together and where we will have better facilities for our members and visitors.


Money matters

All members of DKL have donated a major amount of their personal fortune to set up the center but unfortunatetely this is by far not enough to establish even a separate children home. Our main concern at the moment is to gather enough ressources to build a separate building as home for our children and keep our small flat as office and residence premises for our members and accomodation for classes and visitors. Thanks to many kind donation from our friends we could already buy the land for the house near Pharping, a sacred buddhist site in the Kathmandu Valley with many monasteries and retreat centers. Through our charity shop, class offers and the support of volunteers and pilgrims or travellers to Nepal we hope to raise enough funds for the construction of the building. At the same time we also offer the chance to become sponsor of one of our boys and observe his growing up in our center.


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Helping Hands


Financial means is necessary to run our center, but money alone is not a safe company on our way. To make a real change, both in the life of ordained practitioners and lay persons or people of another or none religion, we depend on helpful volunteers who want to knit closer ties between Buddhists and non-Buddhits, Nepalese natives and people from overseas, children and adults and between religion and science.

We heartily welcome all guests who wish to stay and work with us in the area of their profession, eg. sports teachers, medicals, nurses etc., experience the life in a Nepalese government school or Buddhist monastery as an English teacher or help to improve the living standarts in Himalayan villages.


More about the volunteering options of DKL



Special offers


In addition to the direct help through donations or cooperation we also give our sponsors, supporters and visitors the chance to buy home-made products from our charity shop or to arrange a holiday trip in Nepal, India, Bhutan or Tibet with our travel office. All incomes go directly to the support of our educational programs and development of Drupgni khading Ling.

Due to the high expenses we normally do not ship intems from our charity shop overseas. We may consider exceptions in cases of big orders or sell products through our representatives. In such a case, please contact us directly.

Our travel office Karmapa travels&tours is looking forward to your inquiry .