Drupgni Khading Ling charity shop


We have decided to establish a charity shop in order to keep an own sorce of income for the support of its projects. Money-giving sponsors are appreciated helpers but as the only way of financiation often not appropriate for a non-profit organisation. Our past experiences have shown us many cases of irresponsable abuse of donations and disappearance of donated money on the one side, but also of irrealistic demands and conditions concering donations on the other side. We want to prevent both corruption from inside and usage of money for unnecessary but easily publicable investments according to ideas from outside.

DKL first focusses on the basic needs of its memebers and children accomodated in our project, which are the rent for our flat, electricity and water charges, expenses for food and clothing and additional amounts for school materials of our children. All  the money gained through its charity shop will only be spent to pay the costs arising from the maintenance and further development of our children home and not for the personal economic benefit of any of our memebers.


The products offered in our shop are all manufactured by our members using as much local and organic materials as possible. We try our best to purchase pure and natural ingredients from low-income farmers of the Himalayan region for a fair payment and thus furhter support of the village communities. We only get from import-market what cannot be grown by people in the mountains or is seasonally not available.





Organic Himalayan Tea

The unique natural taste from the highest tea garden of the world. 100% organic and produced in Nepal.

Labelled with NASAA certified organic, JAS, USDA organic, BM Trada certification and ISO.


sorts: green or black tea

amount: 50g, 200g or 500g

Gift packing in paper box (different colours) available.

Additional postage varies for all countries. See chart at the bottom of the page.




hand-made herbal incense

Production and markting by Drupgni Khading Ling. 100% organic ingredients from Nepal.

(currently out of stock)



overview of postage costs
Country less than 1kg less than 2kg less than 5kg less than 10kg
Germany 3,95 Euro 4,40Euro 6,99Euro 8,49Euro
other EU 8,90 Euro 13,99 Euro 15,99Euro 20,99 Euro
other countries 15,90Euro 15,90 Euro 34,99 Euro