Sponsorship of our children


Contribute to a young monk's education!


DK Ling is happy to arrange sponsorships for its current or prospective students in order to ensure the cost coverage for their housing and education.

Without the help of generous financial support we are not yet able to accommodate a great number of children and therefore rely on sponsorships as a common practice in Nepal to grant advanced education to children from a financially poor background. Our sponsorships are arranged for young children whose families have no means to pay for their education and therefore completely depend on help from outside. For approximately 30$ a month it is possible to buy the necessary clothing, food and writing materials and pay the school fees for one child that would otherwise have no chance of going to school. Remaining amounts are saved for medical care or personal needs of the children. In case of elder students a part of the money may be given to them directly if requested by the sponsor; however we suggest to first consult with us as many young persons do not make sensible use of it.

Whichever amount a sponsor gives, we ensure that this money is only spent for "his" or "her" child. House rent, water and electricity charges or any kinds of transportation costs are paid separately from the overall budget of Drupgni Khading Ling. Along with a digital (or upon request paper) receipt of the sponsorship, sponsors may also get an approximate overview of the expenditures for their child.


Staying in touch

Sponsors are encouraged to get into contact with their children directly. We therefore welcome a regular exchange through letters in which the boys can tell about their life at school and at the DK Ling home. On the other hand sponsors too are kindly asked to write their children about their own life and pursue a regular exchange. Additionally we can include a letter by our staff informing about the current educational situation/progress and health state as well as any other issues relating to the particular child.


Shared intentions

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, but are cannot or do not want to pay the full amount of 30$ a month, it is also possible to participate in a partly sponsorship. You can give amounts of 5, 10 or 20$ according to your own preference and will "share" one child with other partly sponsors. In that case all sponsors will be equally treated like full sponsors of their child and can request all the corresponding information.


After the devastating earthquake in may this year we have launched a special sponsorship campaign to be able to accommodate a number of earthquake vicitm children. Please also read the letter below to see for what we need your help and in which ways you can contribute.

Appeal for Sponsorship

We would like to express out deepest thanks to Miss Sophie Lennartz, Mr. Manfred Lennartz and Mrs. Brigitte Lennartz from Germany, Miss Marina Marii and Mr. Lysof Maksym from Ukraine, Mrs.Stephanie Patricia Hair from the UK and Miss Asani from Taiwan for their generous contributions.


Feel free to use our contact form if you have any more questions.