09/09/2014 22:30

Drupgni Khading Ling is set up alone for charity purpose. It is neither intented to bring a big private fortune nor any other material benefits to its members, and any support is used for the expandation of its facilities or the basic needs of the children alone. Though a semi-religious institution and founded by buddhist practitioners we tolerate, respect and cherish all other beliefs and world views and welcome exchange of knowlege and values.

We want to establish peaceful and harmonic surroundings where anyone, whether member, student, supporter or visitor has the chance to utter his thoughts, beliefs and ideas freely and without judgement. In an atmosphere of love, care-taking and mutual respect people joinig our center shall be given the opportunity to learn how to develop their own mind and character towards more happiness, inner balance and self-sufficiency. For the new childrem joining our center we try our best to replace the families they leave behind and provide them with a clear understanding of the meaning of interdependance and the value of every living being on this planet. We ensure the fulfillment of their material needs; i.e. food, clothing, a home to stay, sufficient hygiene and health care as well as the requirements for a comprehensive education: school fess and uniforms, books, writing materials and the traditional monastic trainigs in buddhist philosophy and practice.

Any students from outside willing to learn in our center shall only pay reasonable fees for the classes; and in case of poor means will be levied the charges to an amount they can afford.

The center is meant as an institution of education and learning and as a conflation of ancient buddhist wisdom and modern scientific knowledge. Therefore much importance is placed on the double education of our children and openness of our classes to all anyone interested regardless of gender, age,origin or religious background.

All we wish is to rend a service to humanity and hope that our intention won't be misunderstood or misused but will be a motivation to work for the good of others.