Karma DM Sherpa

08/09/2014 12:54

Karma DM Sherpa

Karma DM Sherpa is one of the people behind DK LING who infuses his genuine spirit into everything involved with helping Buddhist monks. Karma DM currently resides in Kathmandu, Nepal with his Lama friends.

Born in 1977 in Nepal, Karma DM began his spiritual education at the early age of eight when he entered into a village monastery in the Dolakha district of Nepal. He was deeply influenced by Buddhism and his Buddhist teachers to be an advocate for those less fortunate, and his masters became the inspiration that would become the driving force behind DK Ling.
His vision behind it is simple: take in as many Nepalese underprivileged children and orphans as possible; give them a safe and loving home; and, ultimately help them become educated, morally sound and self-reliant Buddhist masters. Karma DM knew at a young age that his calling in life would involve social work.
But his journey in creating DK Ling came at a time when he was starting a new chapter in his life; becoming a Khenpo from a monastery in Kathmandu. The one way teaching of Buddhism to the children in that monastery made him realize then that he wanted to help raise Himalayan children with both school and Buddhist education. 

A combination of his own hard work and the financial support of friends and family lead him to start up the DK Ling home in 2014.  Karma DM’s intentions go far beyond providing human necessities for the children. His objective is to raise DK Ling monks/students until the age of 18 or until they complete their High-school degree and help them along their path in becoming successful masters and leaders.
Although his own path in maintaining DK Ling has been long and challenging, Karma DM keeps a proactive and optimistic view on the impact he is creating in the lives of these children. And with that positive attitude behind him, he upholds the core lesson that his Gurus taught him. 

He received:
Sharmana vow from Bokar Rinpoche.
Full of monks ( Bikshu) vow from H.E. Khenchen Trangu Rinpoche.
All three vows of the Pratimoksha, the Bodhisattva, and Mantrayana.
Many initiation and reading transmissions from many genuine reincarnate lamas and other holders of the teaching. Further, he studied the various sciences and the main treatises.
Teaching Buddhist philosophy from 2006.
Teaching Tibetan Grammar.
Performing Buddhist ritual activities from 2000.
Member at thew Monastic Education Council, Ministry of Nepal since 2010.
Chair-person of Karma Leksheyling School from 2007-2014.
General seceratary of Buddhist Education and Cultural Center since 2011.  
Field manager of ICEF Taiwan from 2012-1014.
MD of Karmapa Nepal travels and tours Pvt. Ltd since 2010.
Tibetan, Nepali, English, Hindi and Sherpa.