Migmar Gurung

08/09/2014 12:56

I was born  October 7th 1981 mukot in upper Dolpa. And that time in my village no school so i didn't get opportunity to study.
when i was 7 years  my father was very sick and my mother sold  our land and house and we shift( lower Dopla )i means my mother village. So my father try to build a new house in my mother village  but unfortunately my  father was pass way. Then many  problem came to my life, no chance to go school i did lots of work like a herder, go to jungle and get wood, take water morning and night etc... And when i was 10 years i came to Kathmandu and i become a monk in karma lekshey ling higher Buddhist study..I  study Buddhist philosophy, Grammar, Nepali, History, little bit English etc... When i was 26 years i finished my study and 3rd March 2006  i get Acharay degree ( master of the Buddha's teaching in the sutra tradition).  And 6th year i teach Buddhist philosophy, Grammar,  History. And  in year 2013 i got the degree of Khenpo( Doctorate in Buddhist philosophy)