09/09/2014 21:29

We officially declare that MS (what does it stand for??) Drubngi Khadhing Ling's core purpose is to educate needy Nepalese children teaching Buddhist studies and providing modern school education in a secure home, supporting them with the necessary materials without charge. The team DK ling focuses on the basic need of our Dharma brothers and sisters (you mean the children,right?) who come to join us as a new family member. Our first priority is to teach them theoretical and practical Buddhism at home and at the day time send them to a school nearby DK ling centre for school education.
DK Ling was established with the aims to firstly enrich under-privileged children from the Himalayan regions of Nepal with Buddhist studies so that they can create a peaceful and happy society around us, and secondly enrich them with the normal school education so that they can be self-sufficient in the future and help to create a civilized society.
Besides educating children, there are hundreds of Buddhist youth monks and nuns who completed their degree or three years retreat, are skilled in performing Buddhist ceremonies, good at drawing Thangka, the Tibetan arts, and professional Philosophers but have been stocked (stuck?) in their home or in different monasteries.
This is because firstly the monastic degree is still not approved as a normal academic qualification by the Nepali Government. So, they have no more opportunities to study or research farther after completing their particular studies in the monastery. Secondly even if they have good skills and qualifications in their own field and sectors but have no more scopes to be supplied. As we know that the youth is the power bank of a nation Team DK ling works to find a way to flow this natural stock power to brighten our society, our Nation (and the world??).
Team DK ling wants to make a strong and firm network among those monks and nuns who don’t have a safe home or permanent monastery to live in. We empower them with an idea and information and encourage them to build their own monastery together, and then let them develop it with the necessary support they need from our side.

The monastery and school that you build up with your riches can collapse due to some causes and conditions but the skill and wisdom that you share or the support you provide others will carry on from our generation to the next generation.
For example we can listen to, analyze and meditate on Buddhism even these days but one can only see and touch the ruined and collapsed ueberbleibsel of monasteries around the Buddhist holy places. Buddhist studies bring peace and happiness in your mind; and if you are happy then you can create a peaceful environment for the sake of the people around you. Informative school education on the other hand comforts your worldly lives. If you have full knowledge of medicine, business, technology and politics plus a positive concept then you can make the world better.

DK Ling teach:
Short-term and long-term Tibetan language
Buddhist philosophy
Yoga practice
Practical and theoretical Buddhist meditation
Reki therapy
To the interested people and needy patients. 

DK ling product:
herbal handmade incense
Nepalese green tea
Baking quality German Bread
To introduce DK ling by selling them in the local market or exporting them as a gift to our sponsors and guests.

DK ling organize:
Pilgrimage based in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.
Volunteering placement
For the source of financial background and create more places for new monks.
Through these objectives, Team DK ling grow the family of DK ling at least 10 new students and arrange lodging and footings for free of charge by the end of 2016.
DK ling run:

DK ling accept:
Long-term and short-term sponsorship monks/students
Any types of Fund for buying land for our own monastic school
Kind people who wants to volunteer for our project
Partnership for our charity business