Lama Oezer/Yuriy Voitsehivsky

 Lama Oezer/Yuriy Voitsehivsky
Representative of DK Ling in Ukraine


Born in 1970 in Ukraine, Lama Oezer had initially started a military carrier, become a businessman and studied psychology, history, history of religions and eastern philosophy. During one of various trips to Asia he decided to learn thoroughly the teachings of the Buddha, yoga and tantra. After taking the monastic vows in the same year, he started the traditional retreat of the Karma Kagyu-lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism and during five years of practice received different important tantric empowerments.
As the result of this practices he obtained Mahamudra Vision and realized Inner Teacher and Samadhi state. After finishing his retreat lama Oezer left the monastery and monastic vows and took the vows of “Nag pa” - tantric Yogi, which he’s following until present time, spending all his free time in individual practice and research of Consciousness phenomena.

Lama Oezer is a close friend of the members of DK Ling and has been supporting us from the very beginning. Now he operates as an official representative of Drupgni Khading Ling for correspondence in Ukraine.